"Football games give us a break from thinking about our problems and hardships. When you're playing football, you forget you're hungry."

This was what the girls and boys who were playing football at the edge of Lake Victoria in November 2008 said when Clemens asked what sport means to them. "It is worth every effort to be able to give children and young people carefree moments!" Clemens was convinced of this when he returned to Germany and founded Jambo Bukoba e.V. a month later.

No importance was attached to sport and games in Tanzania in the past. Sport was a luxury and a waste of time. Parents were and continue to be of the opinion that their children should either go to school to learn something or should help at home or in the field.

The Tanzanian government only defined a "sport strategy" recently. However, what is lacking are training opportunities, sports fields, sports materials and methodological knowledge. Interest in and awareness of the importance of sport for individuals and society as a whole is just starting to emerge among the population and the government authorities.

Jambo Bukoba uses sport

  • as a way to access children and young people
  • as a ray of hope for accomplishments through personal initiative – together in the team
  • as a metaphor for life
  • to communicate important messages in a fun way
  • as a binding element
  • as a way to open doors and gain supporters