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To ensure that more young people are protected against HIV/AIDS infection and sanitary hygiene conditions at schools are improved

Improve sanitary facilitiesRaise awareness about HIV-Aids
Sanitary facilities


70% of all new infections in Tanzania occur in girls between the ages of 15 and 19.

1.4 million people in Tanzania are HIV-positive. Together, Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania account for 89% of all new infections worldwide. Almost half of all infected young people around the world live in these countries.
Tanzania is therefore one of the countries falling short of the targets set by the WHO to prevent the spread of HIV. New infections are much more likely to affect girls. In Tanzania, 70% are between the ages of 15 and 19.
Insufficient knowledge about HIV/AIDS, especially among girls.

Fewer than half of 15 to 19-year olds are correctly informed about HIV/AIDS, although studies show that 45% of girls are already sexually active at this age.

Particularly in rural regions, “Reproductive Health Services” do not adequately reach young people. The special requirements for young people are often overlooked in national HIV/AIDS strategies and programmes.

HIV/AIDS continues to be a taboo subject in Tanzania.

It is difficult to talk to children about sexuality either in school or at home. Jambo Bukoba actively addresses the issue of HIV/AIDS with specially developed games, thus removing the taboo among children and young people as well as adults.
The “Life Skills Through Games” concept specially developed for Jambo Bukoba is used in what are known as teacher workshops. Teachers are trained to build trusting relationships with children and young people through games and sport. Teachers also learn to create a comfortable atmosphere which makes it easier for both sides to talk about the sensitive issue of HIV/AIDS in order to communicate important messages and give pupils information, for example, about contraceptives and different ways to become infected.

Messages of prevention are continuously shared with children in sports class

The specially designed games create a positive mood among the children and young people and open the door for teachers to have follow-up conversations and provide information in a way that is appropriate for children.

Sanitary facilities

Girls in particular are affected

52% of girls’ toilets in Tanzania don’t have doors which means that the girls don’t have any privacy.

Toilets with running water are not a matter of course at schools in Tanzania which is why girls, especially during puberty, stay away from school.

There are generally too few toilets: For example, 1,300 children at the Tumaini school have to share a toilet building with a total of eight toilets (four for boys and four for girls). This means that there is one toilet for roughly every 162 pupils.

Improving the water supply, the sanitary facilities and therefore the general hygiene conditions would improve the lives of around 10 million children and young people

This, in turn, would lead to increased rates of attendance, improved cognitive abilities and better attention during class.

As a result, Jambo Bukoba supports schools and parents in the urgently needed renovation of sanitary facilities.

Jambo Bukoba games help me concentrate better, I look forward to school more and learn about HIV/AIDS.