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Education for girls generally has lower priority

In many large families in Tanzania, all hopes for education and success are usually pinned on the first-born male. Education for girls generally has lower priority. As a result, girls often have to drop out of school because they are married off at an early age or have to work to support the family.

Other reasons girls leave school early are pregnancy and/or HIV infections. New infections are also more likely to affect girls than boys: four out of five people infected with HIV between 15 and 24 years of age are girls.

Many of the games developed by Jambo Bukoba are specially designed for girls because a sense of achievement in sport boosts self-confidence

Making girls stronger can be seen as a way to reduce unwanted pregnancies and HIV infections, because girls who actively participate in sport are less likely to be sexually active at an early age. But most importantly, prejudices held by boys disappear because they experience girls’ strengths when playing sport.

Hand in HandMädchen und Junge SeilspringenMädchen und Junge Hand in HandMädchen rennt auf rotem Platz

Jambo Bukoba helps give girls more self-confidence and help boys overcome prejudices and experience girls’ strengths.

We work to

  • bring more girls into leading roles such as class representative or team captain
  • significantly reduce new HIV/AIDS infections
  • lower school drop-out rates

The first success stories of Jambo Bukoba show that girls are less shy in interviews and can maintain eye contact.

Auditor Ashoka August 2014