The Jambo Bukoba Board

Clemens Mulokozi
Clemens MulokoziPresident

Clemens grew up in Tanzania. He personally experienced how important sport can be for a society both as a marathon runner and through his job working in sport sponsorship. In this interview he tells us what the main motivations were behind his commitment.

Andreas Meindl
Andreas MeindlVice President

Andreas Meindl is a passionate mathematics and physics teacher at the Gisela high school in Munich Schwabing for more than 20 years. He has also worked in the school administration for several years.

What particularly fascinates him is how to transform his professional experiences and his work for the organization to the benefits of all stakeholders.
Engaged in activities such as organizing informational events at the school, Tanzanian evenings where traditional dishes are prepared, charity runs or sorting, counting and determining the value of the currencies from more than 100 countries that have been collected in the donation boxes at airports, his students also broaden their horizons and support Jambo Bukoba in the process.

Andreas Meindl is a founding member, the second director and treasurer of the organization since the very beginning.

Sophie Glaesner
Sophie Glaesner3rd Board Member

Sophie Glaesner has lived in Munich since 2002 and began working for Jambo Bukoba in 2012. She is Head of Human Resources, Administration & Events. During the annual meeting in July 2016, she was elected 3rd director of Jambo Bukoba, a position she holds since 1st October 2016.

In 2012, Sophie travelled to Kagera in Tanzania where she learned about the Weltwärts Projects and was inspired by the Jambo Bukoba concept: empower children through sports!

“With more education, health, and equal opportunities, children can realize their potentials and improve their opportunities themselves,” says Sophie, adding that the education of girls is her particular focus.