Team Tanzania

Our Team in Bukoba

Here you can meet our team from Tanzania. They execute the projects and document the construction of the classrooms, water tanks, toilets and much more. It is also part of her job to research and present the effects of our work. New for some time is the planning and support of the offered trips. Our work volume is getting bigger. That’s why our Tanzania team has grown a lot lately!

Gonzaga Stephen
Project Leader Tanzania

Imani Paul
Secretary General

Johannes Mulokozi
WASH Project Manager

Jamila Mbeju
Accounting Manager Tanzania

Lameck Kiula
Communications Officer  Tanzania

Abednego Lwakatare

Travel Advisor and Junior Project Manager

Hussein Salum

Junior Project Manager

Kafedha Rwezaura

Monitoring & Evaluation Manager

Hall of fame – Tanzania

Thank you for your active support!!

Thank you for your active support !!

We also express our greatest gratitude to our former supporters in Tanzania. Without you, we would not be where we are now.

Together we have been able to achieve a lot and we still have some plans!

Christian Gerardy

Intern 9/2018 – 12/2018

Amilie Baur

German Sport University Cologne 10/2018 – 12/2018

Beatrice Mbehoma

Junior Project Manager 6/2016 – 6/2018

André Gersmeier

Trainee 3/2016 – 3/2017

Selestine Dominick

Intern 8/2016 – 9/2016

Philipp Höfner

Voluntary Service weltwärts / ASC Göttingen 8/2015 – 8/2016

Lukas Rodrian

Voluntary Service weltwärts / ASC Göttingen, 8/2014 – 7/2015

Alina Weiß

Intern 1/2014 – 6/2014

Niklas van der Beek

German Sport University Cologne, 4/2013 – 7/2013

Sandra Kagerer

Technical University of Munich, 6/2013 – 10/2013

Jenny Willems

Technical University of Munich, 2/2013 – 4/2013

Luca Messerschmidt

Voluntary Service weltwärts / ASC Göttingen, 8/2013 – 7/2014

Fabian Liesner

German Sport University Cologne, 5/2012 – 9/2012

Henning Bauch

German Sport University Cologne, 10/2012 – 12/2012

Patricia Chimwendo

Project Manager Tanzania, 1/2011 – 6/2012

Katrin Bauer

German Sport University Cologne, 4/2011 – 6/2011

Verena Strüber

German Sport University Cologne, 7/2011 – 11/2011

Kathrin Barth

German Sport University Cologne, 8/2010 – 10/2010