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Gründung 2008


What do the Tanzanian Ambassador in Berlin, the regional government of Kagera and young people in Bukoba all have in common?

They were all excited about the idea of “making children strong through sport”. Equipped with this knowledge, Clemens returned from Tanzania in November 2008 and formed Jambo Bukoba e. V. on 5 December 2008.

Since 23 December 2008, Jambo Bukoba e.V. has been entered in the register of associations of the Munich district court under VR 202007 and recognised as a tax-exempt, non-profit body.

Jambo Bukoba Logo

Passion and expertise from the outset

Inspiring people with an idea is a great gift!

The sports and development expert Sebastian Rockenfeller develops the scientific concept LIFE SKILLS THROUGH GAMES.

The Deutsche Post DHL pledges its support as a logistics expert

Marcel Bötcher and Nikolas Knop create the Jambo Bukoba logo and the first website.

Manitz, Finsterwald & Partner registers Jambo Bukoba as a word/figurative mark with the German Patent Office.

Reginald Temu, from the German Tanzanian Circle of Friends advises Clemens on intercultural issues with lots of humour.

Deutsche Sporthochschule Köln

Put into practice in Tanzania

The Jambo Bukoba idea successfully takes off and reaches great heights!!!!!

Sebastian’s concept for Jambo Bukoba is deemed worthy of funding in Tanzania and by the German Foreign Office and the German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB). Financing is now clarified and he can get started in Tanzania. He starts with a baseline study which is carried out in collaboration with Kepha Elias, his counterpart from the Ministry of the Kagera region.

A few weeks later, the first Jambo Bukoba workshop is held in Bukoba for 22 sports teachers.

Sebastian’s university, the German Sport University Cologne takes a liking to Jambo Bukoba, becomes an academic partner and sends the graduate student Kathrin Barth to Tanzania as the first Jambo Bukoba intern.

We celebrate our 100th Jambo Bukoba member in Germany in October 2010. And through the volunteer support of Deutsche Post DHL employees, the first container is sent on its way with sports material from Munich.

FC Bayern München

Registered and award-winning in Tanzania

Sport university, sports material and female footballers

In Tanzania, Jambo Bukoba is registered as a non-governmental organisation (NGO).

Katrin Bauer, graduate student of the German Sport University Cologne, helps Sebastian develop the teachers’ guide. Here you will find her field report…

The first container with donated sports equipment arrives in Bukoba. Footballs, jerseys, hats and much more is distributed to the Tanzanian teachers who take part in the workshops “Life Skills Through Games” and to their schools. The sports equipment is essential to providing motivation in sports class so that the project “Making children through sport strong” will have long-lasting success.

We are overjoyed that the women’s FC Bayern München football team will also actively contribute to Jambo Bukoba. We think that they are the right sport role models for girls and young women.

The crowning moment of the year is an award from the Tanzanian embassy.

Kinder mit Daumen hoch

United Nations recommend Jambo Bukoba

Accolade, bonanza and a theologian

Wilfried Lemke, Special Adviser to the United Nations Secretary-General on Sport for Development and Peace honours Jambo Bukoba with a letter of recommendation.

In Tanzania, we carry out the first of eight district bonanzas, similar to our German Federal Youth Games, but with the Jambo Bukoba games. Finalists may participate in the regional bonanza in January of the following year and will each receive a school construction project worth € 2,000.

The Tumaini Primary School is the first school to win the district bonanzas.

The position of the former project manager Patricia Kedit, who is returning to Europe for professional reasons, is publicly advertised.

On 1 July 2012, the theologian and primary school teacher Gonzaga Stephen Kananura starts as the head of Jambo Bukoba, Tanzania. Gonzaga (first name) is the first Tanzanian to assume responsibility for Jambo Bukoba locally.

Gonzaga is supported this year by Jerome Atinga, Fabian Liesner and Henning Bauch, three students from the German Sport University Cologne.


Strong in Tanzania and Germany

200th Jambo Bukoba member

Teacher’s guide printed

Werkstatt 54 becomes a marketing partner

fröhliche tansanische Kinder

Strong in Tanzania and Germany

Imani Paul, 23-year old Bachelor’s graduate (economic studies, major in policy and planning at the University of Mzumbe in Tanzania) joined our team in Tanzania as a co-worker.

The second Jambo Bukoba container is prepared for shipping with volunteer support from Deutsche Post DHL and sent on its way to Bukoba.

Friendsfactory makes it possible for Jambo Bukoba to move to a larger office.

Germany wins the Football World Cup and Jambo Bukoba launches the initiative “1,000 balls for 1,000 schools”! Thanks to generous donations, production of the first 500 balls can be commissioned after Christmas.

Andi Meindl, our treasurer, travels to Bukoba for the first time to see our work first-hand and get to know the Tanzanian side of our association.
The Rulenge Primary School in the Ngara District is a pilot project for a school partnership with a German school, in this case, the Gisela high school in Munich.

Clemens, Sophie, Renate and I fly to Bukoba on 24 January 2014 and look at the work of Jambo Bukoba on site. We tour the schools and meet with government officials. We post a small text and a couple of photos daily on our blog so that everyone can see what we do on each day of our trip.

Start Social Merkel unterschreibt Ball_klein

It feels like Christmas, a birthday and Easter all wrapped into one

Magnum Film produces a “goosebumps” video for Jambo Bukoba in German, English and Swahili pro bono.

Chancellor Angela Merkel pays tribute to Jambo Bukoba with the startsocial National Prize 2014/2015.

The United Nations fund a 12-month project phase of Jambo Bukoba.

DISCOVER FOOTBALL, an association which campaigns worldwide for gender equality, emancipation and women’s rights and puts football to good use as an empowerment strategy, invites 8 Jambo Bukoba teachers to take part in a festival in Berlin.

We celebrate our 300th Jambo Bukoba member.

Ashoka, an international non-profit organisation for the promotion of social entrepreneurship, honours Clemens as a social entrepreneur.


Official Appointment as Askoka Fellow

Clemens Mulokozi is officially named an Ashoka Fellow.

Jambo Bukoba becomes a full member of the German Donations Council (Deutscher Spendenrat e.V.).

Team expands in Tanzania and Germany with the addition of André Gersmeier looking after monitoring and evaluation and Claudia Wiefel taking on fundraising and organisational development.