As an association, we are transparent and measure ourselves to provide donations and support in a targeted and meaningful way

We stand for

  • Transparency of donations
  • Proper handling of donations in trust
  • Compliance with ethical principles
  • Protection against unfair donation advertising

We do not stand for

Membership and fundraising with gifts, perks or the promise or grant of other benefits not directly related to the purpose of the statute or which are disproportionately expensive.
We refrain from the sale, rental and exchange of member or donor addresses, and do not offer / or pay any commission in the context of the provisions under the principles of the German Donation Council e.V. for the acquisition of benefits.
We explain the handling of project-related donations. We do not pass on donations to other organizations.

According to our status of charitable and democratic structures:

a) The Articles of Association and other essential constitutional foundations of our organization / institution are promptly published; The name and function of key supervisors and directors will be announced.

b) We have separated the management and supervisory bodies in personnel under terms and prevent conflicts of interest for the responsible and acting persons.

c) We present our organizational structure and personnel structure transparently, in accordance with the principles of the German Donations Council e.V.

d) We publish essential contractual principles and social links are included in the organization / annual report.

That’s why we like having¬†auditors and surveyors, and are working together with the following organizations

“Go beyond the game”

The vision of streetfootballworld is the following:
“Changing the world through football! Football has a unique power to change the world forever, our goal is to develop that power.”

Streetfootballworld is a global organization that unites other organizations that use football as a tool to tackle a variety of issues, from AIDS prevention to gender equality.

Since April 2017 Jambo Bukoba has been a member of this worldwide network. Our team from Bukoba already participated in a workshop of Streetfootballworld in December 2016 in Kigali / Rwanda.