Tanzania is one of the poorest nations in the world. In the East African country, with the help of our supporters, we solve urgent social problems, especially for children.

Data and facts about your donation for Tanzania

Spannung beim FußballspielTanzania is a breathtakingly beautiful country in Africa. With about 57 million inhabitants (as of 2018), it is known in Europe mainly because of the beautiful beaches, safaris and Mount Kilimanjaro. Only very few are aware that Tanzania has great growth potential with economic growth of 7 percent per year.

We Jambo Bukoba e. V. want to support Tanzania in its positive development. Our projects have three major goals:

  • Improving the quality of education for children and adolescents in Tanzania. To do this, we train the educational know-how of teachers from more than 800 schools. And we build and renovate schools (e.g., classrooms and rainwater tanks). Similar to a sponsorship but related to a school.
  • Building up knowledge about HIV / AIDS – especially for girls. Doctors and nurses play an important role in our project by providing the expertise.
  • Strengthening equal opportunities for girls. Actively practiced strengthening of girls plays in all projects of Jambo Bukoba e. V. plays a central role. For example, half of the teams in the schools always have to be girls.

Every donation helps realizing these goals in Tanzania. To bring you closer to Tanzania, we have created a small table with facts and figures about the country. For a better overview, every number from Tanzania is compared with the one from Germany.

Tanzania has about 57 million inhabitants.
Germany has about 82 million

Infant mortality is about 57 per thousand births.

In Germany it is 4 children per thousand births

Life expectancy in Tanzania is on average 65.68 years.

For German women it is 83 years, for men it is 78 years

In Tanzania only 55.6% have an adequate connection to drinking water supply.

In Germany it is a fundamental right

There are about 22% illiterates in the East African country

In Germany only 4%

The share of children in Tanzania under the age of 14 in the total population was 45% in 2016

In Germany it was 13% in 2016

In the Human Development Index, Tanzania took only 151th place out of 188 in 2016.

Germany ranks fourth

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As can be seen from the facts, there is still much to do in the East African country, despite the economic upturn. This is also underlined by the Human Development Index of 2016. Place 151 falls under the last category of these statistics. This states that there is little development potential for the majority of people in this country.

That’s where Jambo Bukoba wants to start. With a 45% share of children under the age of 14, Tanzania has tremendous potential. This is to be exploited through improved access to drinking water, education and education in the best possible way. The many children and teenagers in the beautiful African country are bursting with energy. Help us to continue to positively influence development on the African continent with your donation to Tanzania.