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Transparency is important to us! We use GPS coordinates so that you can have a look for yourself at our school projects in Tanzania. Just click on the map and learn about our school projects and their supporters!

Jambo Bukoba has introduced the concept at 717 schools in the Kagera region. A total of 482.000 children have been reached so far. Another or our accomplishments is that teachers have seen much higher rates of attendance and average grades have improved significantly.

Teacher workshops

We have trained 1317 Tanzanian teachers in how to use sport, games and discussions to teach their pupils about HIV/AIDS and help girls in particular to protect themselves better.


In what are known as “bonanzas”, Jambo Bukoba encourages cohesion and the self-esteem of girls and boys equally. In these bonanzas, various school classes compete against one another in sport tournaments. The winning school receives a prize which is used for renovation work or to buy school materials.

“Bonanzas” are similar to the German Federal Youth Games, but are specially designed to encourage children’s strengths and treat everyone equally.

School projects

To ensure that children have a real chance at education, in 2012 we started to support needy schools by renovating classrooms, purchasing school furniture and constructing toilets.
The prerequisite for this support is that the school, the parents and teachers must contribute 25% in the form of active work or the supply of construction material.

Klassenzimmer_neue Bänke
Tumaini Primary School Bonanza