Education, good health and gender equality for all children in Tanzania!

Our goal:

Our unique sport concept successfully makes significant improvements to the quality of schools and classroom instruction and helps give every child in Tanzania a chance.

Our methods:

Our result:

Girls and boys

  • get better grades
  • know more about HIV/AIDS
  • treat one another with mutual respect and appreciation
  • are more self-confident and self-assured when standing up for their interests (especially girls!)

We are changing the lives of 482.000 children in Tanzania in 5 steps.


1) Teacher Workshops

teach teachers how they can use sport, games and dialogue to educate children about HIV/AIDS and help girls protect themselves better.


2) Teaching and sports material

is provided for participating sports teachers and their schools (plus certificate).


3) Sportsteachers integrate

the content of the workshops into their classrooms to disseminate information.


4) Public ``bonanzas``

are very similar to the Federal Youth Games at German schools. Mixed teams take part in sport competitions. The workshop games represent fixed components of the competition. The winning school is awarded the coveted school project as the first prize.


5) School projects

are the first prize that finalists use to buy school furniture, renovate the classrooms or be able to finance the construction of new toilets. The school and parents are required to provide 25% of the financing.