Viktoria Schnaderbeck Jambo Bukoba in the TV

Viki: Big final on TV

Bukoba – The big final: Viki on television all around Africa. Even the captain of Austria was surprised as she saw herself on the screen as she was just enjoying her last dinner in Tanzania. And she was checking the...
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Viktoria Schnaderbeck Jambo Bukoba at the lake aVictoria

Viki at lake Victoria – and with an interesting idea: To be fit you need that the nature is fit

Bukoba – Now Viki has finally arrived in Bukoa. Of course it was a duty to have a look at Victorialake (“it is so funny, that I have the same name“), and that it is not possible to swim inside...
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Viki ,and, Liberatha, from, Kahororo, village,

Viki – “at home” in Tanzania

Bukoba – There was just one situation Viki refused to do something at her journey in Tanzania: Going down a very deep and dangerous way to the Victorialake. Her new fried Liberata was jumping easily down – for the fifteen...
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Viktoria Schnaderbeck Jambo Bukoba

Viki learns for life: “Jambo Bukoba” at school

Bukoba – It is strange: Normally foreigners are visiting Tanzania for watching animals or climbing the Kilimandscharo. Viki is different. She is not a tourist, but by joining the team of “Jambo Bukoba” every day she learns more about the...
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Viki, and, Liberatha, walking, to, the, river,

New Year in Tanzania: Jambo 2018!

Bukoba – Viki Schnaderbeck is used to celebrate New Year far away from Munich – but Tanzania was the most exotic experience. Once she started in Barcelona in a new year and 2017 in Praha. 2018 was the setting placed...
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Viki Schnaderbeck arrived in Tanzania: “It´s like a movie“

Bukoba – It was a very long journey, but Viki Schnaderbeck was always in good mood and enjoyed every second of the trip. At the end, when she finally arrived Bukoba, she was even able to speak swahili fluently. Imani...
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Ajali ya bomu, Ngara

Ngara Bomb Accident at Kihinga Primary School

November 2017 in Ngara at Kihinga primary school the bomb blasted and cause 5 death and 43 pupils were injured including one teacher. Speaking with the ward chancellor Mr. Bulindori  commented “The bomb blasted on 08 November at 08:45 am...
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Elimu, Maji na Usafi, Jambo Bukoba

Handing over of Two Water Tanks with 54,600 litters in Karagwe at Karalo Primary School

Jambo Bukoba and the Community have completed the constructions of two water tanks with 54,600 litters in total as was contributed with Jambo Bukoba by 75% which is equal to 9,960,000 Million Tzsh and 25% from the community which is...
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Michezo, Usawa, Afya

Asna Omary is promoting Gender Equality through Sexual Health Education using peer groups

Asna a young girl from Bukoba Kagera she is one among the children who played Jambo Bukoba Games and also she is a star in one of the Jambo Bukoba Video here she says “I started to play Jambo Bukoba...
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