Sports Teachers Workshop Completed in Karagwe at Kimiza Primary School

The workshop for the Sports teachers from 11 Primary Schools from Karagwe that have been conducted with Jambo Bukoba in partnership with the Government of Karagwe District Council has been completed in 1ST September 2017 Where by the teachers had...
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Jambo Bukoba ran a successful Bonanza; Kuna Maisha Baada Ya Tetemeko

Maching from Rumuli Primary School to Gymkhana Pitch As a non government organization that supports children in Kagera, Jambo Bukoba have jumped in to find a way that it could help and support children whose schools infrastructure were mostly affected...
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Getting to Know Abdumarick

Abdumarick is a 15-year old boy from class six at Kayanga Primary School. Abdumarick’s father died when he was young, his mother is raising him, his older brother and younger sister alone. His family is living in poor conditions which...
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Getting to Know Loyce

Loyce is 12-years old girl going to class six at Kayanga Primary School. She is living in a traditional rural setting in Karagwe District. Loyce’s family can only afford daily basic needs for the family and no savings for travelling....
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East Africa Peace Festival in Rwanda

The East Africa Peace Festival is a six-day international football for development, peace and cultural event that will bring together more than 200 boys and girls between the ages of 10 and 14-years from 17 member organisations of the East...
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Jambo Jambo Bukoba!

Thanks to my colleague Andi’s power of persuasion I’ve become a member of Jambo Bukoba on my return to the ‘Gisela-Gymnasium’ (a Munich-based high school)– though it goes without saying that an organisation such as JB is sufficiently persuasive as...
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Just a new year on another continent

My path to Jambo Bukoba – where I come from and what I already did to monitor and evaluate our activities at Jambo Bukoba. I began working for Jambo Bukoba at the 1st of March in Munich. After some fruitful workshops...
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We’ve done it! New library for Buhororo Primary School in Ngara district

Back to the year 2013: nervously, all pupils are gathered on the lawn. Some are playing with blades of grass, others are whispering things in each others ears, still others are expectantly chewing on their fingers. Suddenly everyone is quiet...
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Lehrerin elizabeth jones

Teacher Elizabeth John

Meet Teacher Elizabeth John from Ngara district who joined Jambo Bukoba team to Berlin, Germany on July 2015 to attend discover football concert. Elizabeth was inspired and motivated, after seeing women from different countries playing soccer very well and on...
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