Viktoria Schnaderbeck has been an ambassador for Jambo Bukoba for more than 5 years and supports the club actively. As an athlete she was enthusiastic and convinced from the beginning of the Jambo Bukoba concept. In January 2018, during a visit to the projects¬† in Tanzania, she also personally convinced herself of the work on site and says, “Now more than ever!”

The visible successes of the first WaSH projects (water, sanitation, hygiene),  which bring water to more than 5,000 children at their school and could be explained through playful information on hygiene, have encouraged Viktoria Schnaderbeck to support her specifically as an ambassador and actively support to promote donors and supporters.

Her trip with Jambo Bukoba through Tanzania also brought Viktoria Schnaderbeck to Kihinga Primary School in Ngara, where a hand grenade killed 5 children and injured 42 children and one teacher in a tragic accident in November 2017. Jumbo Bukoba provided help to children through workshops and the provision of sheets for the local hospital as well as school supplies and uniforms. Viktoria Schnaderbeck became personally involved in this project.

We are fortunate enough to have been born and raised in a world where is equality and excellent social structures. In contrast, children in Tanzania grow up under much heavier conditions. The concept of Jambo Bukoba to promote education and equality through sport is strong and, above all, it really reaches many children. It’s nice to see how Jambo Bukoba grows and I love to support this project. All children in Tanzania should get a chance!

Viktoria Schnaderbeck, Professionell Soccer Player