Social Sabbatical in Tansania

In search of something special for your sabbatical

You are looking for something special for your sabbatical. You are looking for more than just a two or three months long holiday. You would like to contribute to a lasting change?

Jambo Bukoba e. V. offers you the opportunity to use your sabbatical in a very special way.

We help you to use your sabbatical for a meaningful purpose and at the same time have an extraordinary life experience. You will take on an active role in Tanzania to help children and young people gain a better perspective in life. This way you will make your contribution to the future and sustainability of our global society.

We help you to organise your sabbatical making use of your particular expertise and experience. For example, in collaboration with the local authorities, we can organise for you to teach English to teachers and students at a primary school. Or, you can teach young entrepreneurs the basics of business administration for starting, building and developing their micro-business. If you have another expertise, we will find a role for you to help people in Tanzania improve their lives? The result will be a real win-win situation for the people in Tanzania and a unique experience for you.

If you wish to deeply immerse yourself into life of the local community, you can arrange for you to stay with a local family for the duration of your stay.

Are you interested?

Please contact Franz Pöllinger for an initial consultation: