Our project concepts

Sustainable and effective concepts for
more Education, health and equality

Our concept and our projects are supported by our partner organisation Jambo for Development implemented and accompanied in Tanzania.
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The Classic Programme – Sport and Self-Efficacy
as the key to a better future

Within the framework of our Classic Programme, we have developed a unique and effective concept to support children and young people in Africa in creating a better present and future for themselves.
The programme comprises three building blocks:
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In extensive workshops, we teach sports teachers from the schools in our region our Life Skills Games that teach students important life skills through play.


The children participate with their school in our «Bonanzas», similar in structure to Bundesjugendspiele. The winning school in each district receives a school construction project.

School construction projects

We improve school infrastructures with our individual projects.

In addition to the Sport for Development approach, we also focus on the approach of helping people to help themselves. The government, communities, parents, teachers and students are actively involved and take responsibility themselves.

School construction projects at a glance

Various school construction projects are being carried out as part of our Classic Programme:

School buildings

such as classrooms, staff rooms or the like are selected and built by the schools according to their needs. Equipment such as copiers or school desks are also partly chosen as school construction projects.

Water projects

focus on improving sanitation facilities in schools: Water tanks, water filters, toilets, hand washing facilities and MHM rooms.

MHM (Menstrual Hygiene Management)

is considered when building toilets and schools are equipped with specially designed rooms, sanitary facilities and hygiene items. Privacy, hygiene, water and sanitary products are crucial during the period and only make it possible to attend school during the period.
Jambo Bukoba projects on behalf of third parties

Supporting projects – even more education,
Health and equality

In addition, projects are awarded that complement the Classic Programme and respond to local needs. The workshops and school construction projects are specifically tailored to individual topics and tie in with the Life Skills through Games concept.
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Our water projects

include workshops specifically on WaSH (water, sanitation, hygiene) in addition to a school construction project.

Our MHM projects

in addition to the school construction project, children and teachers are educated about menstruation and menstrual hygiene, which are still considered taboo subjects in Tanzania.

Our emergency aid projects

respond to acute crises and emergencies in the Kagera region, Tanzania and support the local people and government, through school building projects and trauma recovery and education workshops.

You can find out more about our concepts and their impact in our annual reports.

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