Project work

Your contribution for the children of Tanzania

You are interested in a project assignment in Tanzania for several months. Jambo Bukoba would like to help you to make a meaningful contribution for the future of the children of Tanzania and at the same time make an extraordinary experience.

We would like to enable you to take on an active role on site in Tanzania, helping children and young people to gain a better perspective on life. This way you can make your contribution to the future and sustainability of our global society.

So we get to know you, your special skills and interests and find a suitable job for you, please fill out the questionnaire below and send us the documents indicated

It is important that you provide a realistic assessment of yourself.

Before you actually travel to Tanzania for at least two months, we would like you to get to know us and our work in our Munich office for two weeks

For the duration of your stay in Bukoba, we will arrange accommodation with the family of a teacher we know, in a room of your own. You will live and eat with the family. This way, you will immerse yourself in the local social life from the very beginning and you will dive deeply into the life of the local society.

As a temporary member of our local team of seven young, well-educated Tanzanians, you will be in contact with young people from day one.

About the Guide

The trip will be accompanied by Abednego Lwakatare, a member of our local team.

Abednego speaks fluently English, German and Swahili.

Are you interested?

Your questions and documents, please send to:

Report on project assignment, Alessia Nebauer