Learning Safari

A sustainable staff development programme for corporate organisations

Your company is looking for staff development measures for junior staff, high potentials and top performers and would like to make a lasting difference in this world? Participants should not only talk about changes, but also initiate and contribute to them directly? Does your company live a corporate culture that aims to impact the future and sustainability of our global society? Then the Learning Safari from Jambo Bukoba may well be the right staff development measure for your company!

Goals of the Learning Safari

The core of the 10-day Learning Safari is the cooperation in a school building project in the back-country of Tanzania. The participants help building classrooms, water tanks or sanitary facilities under completely unfamiliar conditions and where familiar patterns of thought and action do not help.

Here, junior staff, high potentials or senior staff can gain learning experiences that cannot be acquired in a training in a familiar environment – in terms of curiosity, motivation, creativity, intuition, empathy, self-awareness and humility. Ideally, the participants are accompanied by a coach who will help them to relate the experiences and learnings on site to the corporate values of their employer and the corresponding target behaviour.

Your staff will leave behind a footprint in Tanzania deeper and more profound than a classic workshop in a hotel – for the local community as well as for the participants themselves.

Memories of a participant

“The Learning Safari was very authentic. The insights into real life were very manifold, such as the trips with the locals in the shared taxi, eating in the ‘restaurants’, attending church services and the cross-country trips in the cars as you find them in Tanzania”.

“I will definitely recommend this extraordinary and adventurous stay to my friends. Too many of them stay with what they know, do not venture out and so miss the magic of other countries and cultures. In addition, you learn to value and appreciate life in Germany much more.”

Tom Ruess

Are you interested?

If you are interested, please address your questions to Franz Pöllinger: franz.poellinger@jambobukoba.com