Internship / Assistant of the Project Manager for the NGO Jambo Bukoba e.V.

Information about Jambo Bukoba

Jambo Bukoba is an NGO, founded in Germany in 2008 and works in collaboration with Tanzanian Local Government.

We support children and young people in Bukoba, Tanzania, by teaching them face to face about HIV and AIDS, by encouraging equal opportunities for girls and by helping to improve the quality of education. We create a framework for teaching sport and the development of children through games, because we believe that sport is the best means of making children and young people strong and healthy so that they can cope with the harsh realities of daily life and so that they learn to behave responsibly towards themselves and others as a preparation for life.

During the 5-day training sessions called “Life Skills through Games“ sports teachers learn about games which can help educate pupils about HIV and AIDS and further develop their social skills. In addition general teaching skills such as planning and structuring a Games lesson and how to conduct a lesson are a fundamental part of the training. The programme is the fruit of eight months’ work by Sebastian Rockenfeller, who is a specialist in Sport and Development and who was commissioned to work for Jambo Bukoba by the Foreign Office and the German Olympic Federation in conjunction with the German Sports University in Cologne.

“Life Skills through Games” is designed to meet the needs and conditions on the ground in Tanzania. It is now the basis for the work of Jambo Bukoba in the area around the city of Bukoba. The handbook “Life Skills through Games” brings together both the teaching philosophy and the practical requirements of the teacher training programme. Further, we continue to train sports teachers through our workshops and provide schools with sports equipment.

The school competitions (Bonanza) are a very special spectacle for the children. They occur in the individual districts against three other schools and play the “Jambo Games”. We place great emphasis on equality and in particular the strengthening of the girls. A team is made out of 30 students, of which at least 50% are girls. Each Bonanza includes 120 participating students. The finalists of the districts qualify for the finals in the city of Bukoba.

All schools, that participate in the Jambo Bukoba Final Bonanza, get a school renovation. This can be a renovation of classrooms, finishing of teacher offices or the building of libraries. 2013, Jambo Bukoba was renovating seven schools in seven districts of the Kagera Region.

Job Qualifications

– Skills in Business Management, Administration, Law, Accounting and related subjects

-> Master/ Bachelor degree

– Motivated in sports and regularly doing sports, especially team sport

– Excellent computer knowledge (Word, Excel, Power Point etc.)

– Able to work with Local Government Authorities (LGAs)

– Tanzanian

– Excellent language levels of English and Swahili (written and spoken)

– Social skills: friendly, dependable, reliable and a good team worker

– Creativity

– Driving license

– Between 20 and 30 years old

Job Description: 

To assist the Project Manager  in  his day to day activities:

1. Administrative duties and time scheduling

2. In organizing and implementing workshops in physical education or

    construction projects for schools

3. In project planning, execution, budgeting, controlling  and reporting

4. In preparing all monthly accounting reports according to German JB standards

5. Regularly updating of Jambo Bukoba-Website and Facebook

6. Management of Jambo Bukoba properties

What we offer you:

– Working in an international environment

– Working with different/ young people

– Allowance for basic needs/ Pocket Money

– Contribution for accommodation

– Insurance

– Refund of the transport costs

– Working hours: full time

– Start: May 2014


The applicator will be an intern for the first twelve months. In the first three months he/ she will work for Jambo Bukoba e.V. Then he/ she will continue his/ her work in the regional council (Mkoani) of the Kagera Region for three months. Additional he/ she will work for Jambo Bukoba e.V. again for six months to bring the purchased knowledge and skills to our organization.

After working successfully and agreement of both sides the intern is employed as the assistance of the project manager. From there  he/ she will receive a salary.


Project manager of Jambo Bukoba NGO in Tanzania
Gonzaga Stephen Kananura
Mobile number: + 255 755 716 615, 784 531 669

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