Donations as a legal entity

  • Donations in kind, expertise and services
  • Donation opportunity for employees, for example: doubling of employee donations, Rest-Cent Initiative (cent amount of net salary)
  • Donation call to customers on website
  • Employee collections
  • Sale of products with charity share (part of the proceeds goes to Jambo Bukoba)
  • Setting up donation boxes in stores
  • Donations (support volunteer work with special leave)

Looking for a reliable partner and a suitable project?

We offer the opportunity to work with us to support education, health and sports equality. Summer festivals, sports tournaments or project seminars are good opportunities to share with children in Africa: for example, charity run, sports material collection campaign, project work or school partnership.

We’ll tell you how it works and you’ll get the necessary support from us!

Our Support

  • Link to integration on your website or on your intranet
  • Banners, logos, text modules, press releases, photos for integration on the website or intranet
  • Keyword, for example: “Help Company name”, with which employees or customers can donate in a conventional way to our donation account.
  • We report on your action: on our website or on social media platforms
  • We also like to think about tailor-made actions such as our initiative “1,000 balls for 1,000 schools”

Four good causes for your donation

  • Effectiveness, better grades for students, more awareness and understanding of HIV / AIDS and growing more self-confidence in girls. Statements by teachers and students as well as observations by interviews at two elementary schools in the Kagera region, in August 2014, by ASHOKA

  • An expert network of university, business and sports strengthens our work

  • We use sport as a hope bearer and door opener

Contact Person

Clemens Mulokozi
Board of Directors
Tel: +49 (0)173 / 4 333 202