For the first time: Jambo for Development generates very high donations

jambo for development

Jambo Bukoba (JB) was founded in Germany in 2008 and at the same time established a Tanzanian subsidiary organisation in the project region of Kagera in northwest Tanzania. In order to actually live the motto “help for self-help”, JB primarily builds up a Tanzanian team on site – which now comprises eight people – and had the former subsidiary organisation recognised as a legally independent partner organisation called Jambo For Development (JFD) in 2019. In order to fulfil its mission, JB primarily pursues the goal of securing local activities through fundraising and membership fees and takes care of public relations and controlling. Strategic planning and operational control are carried out in close cooperation with JFD. JFD is responsible for project implementation and supervision.

JFD is characterised by the work of very committed people who want to make a difference for children and young adolescents in their country. Therefore, it was only a matter of time until the first larger fundraising sums could be generated by JFD. In mid-2019 the team in Tanzania started the process and has now ensured their first success.

But before we go into detail, we would like to remind you that JFD has always been fundraising in Germany together with JB. The construction projects are not only financed by donations from Germany. 30% of the required funds come from the government and 10% from the community. Projects are meant to be selected together with the community in order to ensure long-lasting use of the renovation or construction project. The Tanzanian team was happy to tell us what the process of a construction project looks like exactly. They first contacted the local authorities to clarify financing from their side. They then visit the communities to discuss possible construction projects. The team regularly visits the construction sites to document progress. However, the visits are by no means mere checks, but rather a good opportunity to get to know the residents and talk to them more about the projects of JB and JFD. That’s why everyone enjoys working with the communities very much. On site they also see how much the residents like to participate in the building-projects. Since these projects concern their children and therefore their future, motivation among the population is high. At the end of such a project stands a new water tank, a new classroom or a new toilet. People can see and touch the great achievement they have contributed to. This also gives the local adults self-confidence and the ambition to do more. In return, the team of JFD is happy to accept the long and usually very strenuous journeys on Tanzania’s unpaved roads.

As mentioned before, JFD has now successfully completed funding processes and received their first donations. The money will be used for a large school construction project and to finance the position of a Executive Director at JFD. So far Clemens took over this task. Another big step towards the independence of the team in Tanzania has thus been taken. With an Executive Director in place, a much closer and more intensive exchange with the employees is possible. We at JB in Germany are very proud of our colleagues. Within such a short time they have achieved a lot and this was not easy. There is actually no one in the local team who has extensive experience in fundraising. Nevertheless, they have taken up the challenge with all its pitfalls. Abednego was part of this team and reports that they were all equally positively excited and nervous. The effort paid off. For example, they managed to get the Segal Family Foundation to look at their work. The visitors were enthusiastic and agreed to support JFD with significant funding. This and other successes motivate them to continue with larger fundraising projects besides their actual tasks. They research online and identify which funds they could be eligible for. Despite regular problems with the internet, they have succeeded in finding several organisations to which they apply with videos produced with great effort and attention to detail – one of which you can find below. They put a lot of work and heart and soul into it, because it is important to them that in the future the money for the development in their country does not only come from abroad, but also to a large extent from Tanzania. We asked the team what other ideas they have for the future of JFD. They definitely want to expand fundraising activities, build a network and work towards hiring a person in Tanzania who will only deal with this issue.

We would like to thank the JFD team for their efforts despite some difficulties and congratulate them on their successful fundraising. It is a big step forward, because JB’s vision is to continue building an independently working organisation that supports the community as a social institution. This way, we are tackling the causes instead of just improving the symptoms.

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