Regional Commissioner’s Office, Kagera Region

Collaboration with the Regional Commissioner’s Office in the Kagera region is essential to our work. Only in this way can we ensure that we can establish contact with schools and implement our concept sustainably.

Kepha Elias

The Kagera region implements the UN resolution “Sport as a means of promoting education, health, development and peace”. The resolution encourages the use of sport as a means of promoting development and education, preventing disease, empowering girls and women, engaging in the inclusion and well-being of persons with disabilities, and facilitating conflict prevention and peace-building. We thank Jambo Bukoba for developing the concept of “Life Skills through Games” in the Kagera region. We have faith that the work of Jambo Bukoba is raising the awareness of sport as a means of development and peace among all stakeholders.

Kepha Elias, Regional Sport and Games Officer, Kagera Region - Tanzania
Ahmada R. Ngemera

I am delighted to honor Jambo Bukoba as part of the celebration of the 50th anniversary of Tanzania’s independence for its contribution to improving human relations in Germany and Tanzania.

Ahmada R. Ngemera , former ambassador of Tanzania in Berlin