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As part of the expansion of the research area “Sport and Development Cooperation”, both theoretical and practical reference should be made to current projects and their effects. Against this background, the IESF decided in 2010 to scientifically support a development project initiated by Jambo Bukoba e.V. in Tanzania and evaluate it based on theory.

After a needs analysis, a concept was developed using sport as a means of learning. It addresses issues such as equality and health / HIV education and should lead to increased opportunities for girls.

Website: Jambo Bukoba: Sport und Development in Tanzania (

As an aid to all teachers in Tanzania, Sport-science graduate Sebastian Rockenfeller (formerly a member of the institute) developed a document during his time on the ground, containing all necessary information.

Sport-science graduate Sebastian Rockenfeller (former member of the institute)

dr. karen petry

The Institute for European Sport Development and Leisure Research has been supporting Jambo Bukoba since 2010. To strengthen the longer-term effectiveness of the project, we contribute to updating needs studies, developing educational and didactic concepts, organizing workshops, conducting evaluation studies and production of textbooks. We regularly send students to Tanzania for research stays or internships.

Dr. Karen Petry, Deputy Head of the Institute for European Sport Development and Leisure Research of the German Sport University Cologne

As a provider of social skills and violence prevention training together with physical education teachers in Germany, I experience the power of sport and movement on a daily basis to strengthen important social skills such as fair play behavior, teamwork, a sense of responsibility and self-confidence. The textbook “Life Skills Through Games” is the result of my two-year professional experience on behalf of the Foreign Office and the German Olympic Sports Confederation in cooperation with the German Sport University Cologne for Jambo Bukoba. In my book, I summarize the pedagogical-didactic concept and the practical contents of the sports teacher and sports teacher training I have developed. It has been developed together with the Tanzanian partners and is based on a prior situation and needs analysis, and is therefore adapted to local needs and conditions. I hope that, with the help of the book, it will be possible to create a high-quality proposition that contributes to the development.

Sebastian Rockenfeller, Rockenfeller trainings and Author of Jambo-Bukoba-learning book “Life Skills Through Games”

Project Pictures

  • tansanische Mannschaft
  • Fußballspiel mit Zuschauern
  • Spannung beim Fußballspiel