Home of the Changemakers

Ashoka finds and promotes start-up personalities behind new social organizations, companies and movements worldwide:

In an international unified selection process, people are selected (Ashoka Fellows) who are innovative, pragmatic and committed to a certain, positive change in society. The scholarship holders receive financial support, advice and integration from Ashoka into a network of supporters and partners in business and science. There are currently approximately 3,000 Ashoka Fellows in over 80 countries.

Clemens Mulokozi of Jambo Bukoba is one of only 57 Ashoka Fellows Germany and has been supported since 2015 with a start-up scholarship.

One thing everyone in Ashoka Network has in common is that they encourage more and more people, empowering them to take on new solutions instead of demanding others. Thus, gradually, a world emerges in which “everyone can be a changemaker”.

Ashoka works as non-profit, without public funds, donation-financed and closely together with selected partners.

For Jambo Bukoba, it is a great added value to be able to use all possibilities of the network and the consultation.

Homepage: http://germany.ashoka.org/

Initial successes of Jambo Bukoba show that girls in interviews are less shy, speak with a firm voice and keep eye contact.

Agostine Ndungu, Program Manager Venture Fellowship
Hindrichs Jan

We chose Clemens Mulokozi from Jambo Bukoba because we believe in his idea, social impact, problem solving potential, and entrepreneurial and creative execution.

Jan Hindrichs, Fellow Selection