Why is Dr. med. Andreas Zarth supporting children in Tanzania?

The Munich-based association Jambo Bukoba e. V. is one of three social projects supported by the committed ophthalmologist in the FÜNF HÖFEN, who has for many years supported the Namaste Foundation in Nepal and the Amazonica Foundation in Ecuador. Since 2013, Dr. Zarth has been supporting children in Tanzania. From the very beginning he liked the idea of improving education, health and equality through access to sport.

Dr. med. Andreas Zarth: “The development of local infrastructures is important.”

As an example: The community of the Ihanda primary school in Karagwe district was able to built a teachers’ room thanks to his help.  Together with our other wonderful partners, he made it possible for 100% of private donations to be used in Tanzania.

Giving people in Tanzania prospects for life

On the website of FÜNF HÖFE he explains why he is supporting children in Tanzania, Africa. Accordingly, Dr. Andreas Zarth supports organisations that give people in their own country life perspectives. So nobody has to flee or leave the country.

Ophthalmologist in Munich and ambassador for children in Tanzania.

Over many years, Dr. Andreas Zarth has become an important partner and advocate for our non-profit association Jambo Bukoba. He helps us financially and as a creative sparring partner. Whether in discussions with patients, friends or acquaintances – he has the well being of the children in Tanzania in mind.

Homepage: www.augenarzt-fuenf-hoefe.de

Dr. med. Andreas Zarth, Augenarzt München Fünf Höfe

Ich bin überzeugt von dem persönlichen Engagement von Clemens Mulokozi, den ich seit vielen Jahren kenne, und von dem was er mit Jambo Bukoba als Programm umsetzt. Der Erfolg gibt ihm recht. Ich freue mich, wenn ich einen Beitrag dazu leisten kann, diese Arbeit zu unterstützen.

Dr. Andreas Zarth, Augenarzt München