Our Ambassadors

Jambo Bukoba ambassadors play a very special role. They act as spokespersons for our organization by communicating with the public on our behalf.

Viktoria Schnaderbeck

The captain of the Austrian women’s national football team and FC Bayern Munich player has been an active Jambo Bukoba supporter since 2013. Witnessing the positive effects of our pilot WASH projects on schools and communities in Tanzania in 2018, Viktoria’s reaction was to confirm her ongoing support saying, “Now I’m even more determined to help.” Read more about Viktoria and her work with Jambo Bukoba here.


Vinsky, French Youtuber (1.2m subscribers), after his first visit in Bukoba, Jan 2020, became a supporter of Jambo Bukoba. “We have the same goal”, says Vinsky. With football, one can overcome borders and barriers. Learn more about Vinsky and Jambo Bukoba here