Children are our future! With more education, health, and equal opportunity, they can realise their potential and improve their opportunities themselves. 100% of each private donation supports our work in Tanzania.


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Award given to Jambo Bukoba by German Chancellor Angela Merkel

17th June 2015: Jambo Bukoba received one out of seven Federal Prizes for its social and civic engagement by the ...
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Sports Teachers Workshop Completed in Karagwe at Kimiza Primary School

During the 5 days training Teachers have gained experience on how to use Jambo Bukoba games  to improve their schools ...
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Baada ya Bonanza Shule 10 Bukoba zilipata Mradi wa kukarabati Miundombinu

Ni baada ya Tetemeko la Ardhi lililotokea mnamo mwaka jana Septemba 10, Jambo Bukoba iliweza kufanya utafiti na kubaini kuwa ...
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Jambo Bukoba ran a successful Bonanza; Kuna Maisha Baada Ya Tetemeko

As a non government organization that supports children in Kagera, Jambo Bukoba have jumped in to find a way that ...
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Getting to Know Abdumarick

Abdumarick is a 15-year old boy from class six at Kayanga Primary School. Abdumarick’s father died when he was young, ...
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